Our Operations

Our client, LNG Canada, is executing construction of an LNG production facility and marine terminal. Over the term of the contract, HaiSea Marine could be expected to ship assist and escort up to 400 LNG carriers annually.

The operations will require each LNG carrier to be escorted by one escort tug from the Triple Island pilot station located in the Dixon Entrance / Hecate Straight area (just outside of the port of Prince Rupert) all the way to Kitimat Port located at the end of Douglas Channel. This is approximately 159 nautical miles.

Upon arrival, each LNG carrier will require three harbour/berthing tugs to safely turn the vessel 180 degrees and manoeuvre it onto one of the two berths at the LNG terminal in all weather conditions anticipated for the port. To achieve this safely and efficiently the project is proposing to contract for two (2) escort tugs and three (3) harbour tugs to be available for dedicated use during Phase 1 of the Project.

Additionally, the option exists for an additional escort tug, taking the total to three escort tugs and three harbour tugs. It is anticipated that all six (6) vessels will be required if Phase 2 is approved. The escort and harbour tugs shall be delivered to the facilities with fully trained, certified and operational crews, a total of 58 mariners, in accordance with the technical specifications as required by the client to ensure a smooth transitional period such that each of the required vessels are available and fully operational by the time of LNG terminal start-up date.

In addition, the project will require the upgrades of the docking facilities to accommodate up to three escort and three harbour tugs within immediate proximity to the LNG carrier berth. This will require dock modifications to existing facility fit for purpose. The dock facility will include the breakwater barge and the floating barge for maintenance and repair.