April 4, 2024 – North Vancouver, BC – HaiSea Marine’s fully electric tugboat, the HaiSea Wamis, is now the first tugboat to receive an Underwater Noise Notation from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), validating HaiSea’s mission of operating one of the greenest tugboat fleets in the world.

The HaiSea Wamis performed sea trials up and down Indian Arm last fall to put its ultra-low underwater noise to the test. Data was measured over a two-day period from underwater hydrophones to prove the Wamis could perform under established benchmarks for noise. The results gained the HaiSea Wamis its Underwater Noise Notation (UWN) from ABS – a nod to the extra efforts that went into its design by Vancouver-based naval architect company, Robert Allan Ltd, on the Wamis’s electric propulsion system which considerably reduces noise and vibrations.


“When we formed HaiSea, we had a vision and a dream to design and build one of the greenest tugboat fleets in the world that would serve the Douglas Channel – this Notation proves that together with our partners, we have achieved that dream. The HaiSea crew, majority of whom are Haisla members, will be operating the greenest and quietest tugboat fleet in the world right here in our home waters.”

“This Underwater Noise Notation delivers on one of the first promises that our team made to the Haisla Nation: that we would protect the Douglas Channel and their home by producing one of the greenest tugboat fleets in the world. The HaiSea fleet was intentionally designed and built to protect the environment and our team is incredibly proud to honour this commitment.”

HaiSea Wamis is the first Sanmar-built ElectRA 2800 series of battery-electric tugs. Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to have designed and contributed to the success story of how HaiSea now operates one of the most environmentally friendly ships on the West Coast and in North America. HaiSea Wamis is so quiet that it would take 10x ElectRA running side-by-side to produce the same underwater noise as a single conventional diesel tug. These results are very encouraging evidence of the potential for battery electric tugs to significantly reduce underwater radiated noise in harbours both at home and abroad.

Quick Facts about HaiSea’s fleet:

To date, all three of HaiSea’s fully electric tugboats, the Wamis and Wee’git, and the Brave have arrived in North Vancouver and were recently joined by the HaiSea Kermode – North America’s first large dual-fuel LNG escort tug. Later this year, HaiSea’s full fleet will make its voyage up the Douglas Channel to Kitimat, where it will be based to provide ship-assist and escort towing services to LNG carriers calling at LNG Canada’s new export facility in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation.


HaiSea Marine is a joint venture majority owned by the Haisla Nation in partnership with Seaspan ULC. Both partners have considerable experience and knowledge of operating in Northern British Columbia, making HaiSea Marine a natural choice for providing responsible and dependable marine services in the region.


Jessica Gares